7 years ago before we launched MomoCentral, we had this major problem — everytime we put up an ad on a job board, HUNDREDS of resumes would stream in! These were ads for software engineers.

We would then patiently call in the person for an interview one by one. We later got exhausted as most of them were “coders” who couldn’t solve simple algorithmic questions from a CS101 class. We are not hiring super coders like Google or Facebook, mind you. …

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Those of us brought up in the Asian culture are not strangers to our obsession with scoring straight As in school. In some countries, the education system defines As further to high As (A1, A*, A+) and low As (A, A-, A2). It breeds a culture where everyone is obsessed with hitting the high As. If you hit the low As, well, ya it gets you a “good job” that’s prefaced with “but you can get an A1 or A+ next time”.

I honestly thrived in this culture. It somehow was easy for me to score straight As consistently. All…

In my previous post, I mentioned how we’ll share our story of rebuilding MomoCentral — a freelancer platform. We did it all within 2.5 weeks! Just 2 of us — me and my co-founder. Not with a legion / army of coders but I’ll caveat this with saying my co-founder and I have over 10 years of experience building and shipping production-grade products for startups, government and banks. We were able to do this so fast due to the experience and knowledge of shortcuts we’ve gained over the years.

Alright lets get to the real deal!

  1. We did not build…

There are moments in life you thrive

There are moments you crawl

And there are moments you are so happy, you get complacent, and have to press the restart button.

This is exactly what happened to MomoCentral. 7 years ago, in my mid 20s and not knowing any better, my co-founder and I built a remote tech talent platform with 0 funding. Back in 2014, no one believed in remote work. There was a demand for tech talent but not at the current astronomical levels. There were no Google or Facebook offices in Singapore. Most parts of the world still…

What it’s like when you hire MomoCentral to take over a project? You’ll love us, for sure. But first, let’s get through some questions…

From missed deliverable dates to subpar coding skills, you’ve had enough of nightmares working with your tech vendor.

You’re certain that things aren’t working out anymore and a well-meaning associate recommends hiring human-verified freelance talents from MomoCentral.

A-list developers and designers; no middleman; affordable rates; and 100% source ownership, you’d jump on the idea, of course! Plus, deadlines are looming and you’d give anything to get the project back on track with its estimated…

What is source code and why the big deal?

Unless you’re a software developer or has dabbled in programming, you’ll probably be confused about source code and why it matters.

Let’s start from the very beginning:

Every app or computer software has a source code.

Simply put, source code is the human-readable programming language.”

It’s a set of instructions written and developed by a programmer using computer programming language. In other words, it’s what makes your product app, website or any software you’ve developed function the way it does, capisce?

Who owns the source code?

If you don’t know who…

…for fear of losing your business!

You: “The app is still buggy even after you said it’s been fixed. How come?”

Tech vendor: “Oh, really? Actually I’m not sure. Let me check again and get back to you.”


Tech vendor: “Sorry, we need more time to work on your app features update.”

You: “What?! It’s been weeks since I flagged this up to you?!”


Tech vendor: “One of our partners in Indonesia is looking into your request now.”

You: “Indonesia!? You further outsourced our project to an external vendor? But the delay is too long…so who exactly…

Because you’ve been outsource-cepted! Wait, what?

After multiple rounds of shoddy bug fixes, we started digging deeper into who was actually doing the work. What we discovered was multiple levels of outsourcing from one agency to another with many middle men in between” –Disgruntled Client

If you’ve been working with outsourcing agencies to design and develop new products, you may be able to relate to the above.

Over the years, we’ve seen companies outsourcing their projects to make them less time- and money — consuming.

We’d all like to believe that outsourcing projects to an agency is a…

Conundrums aside, the gig economy is changing the way we work and hire.

Web developer; social media strategist; brand and content marketer; copywriter and graphic designer — what do these professionals have in common in this digital age?

Freelance, independent and on-demand contract workers. They all work remotely and earn their keep from a hodgepodge of short-term work projects or retainer-based contract jobs from multiple companies.

Hello gig economy! A trend that’s gathering momentum and changing the terms on which most people work and recruit new workers.

How tech-savvy mothers in conservative cultures are empowered today to work from home and support their families

Giving up a fulfilling career to care for a newborn or to raise a family sometimes may seem like the only viable option for mothers especially those living in deeply conservative parts of the world.

In today’s flourishing gig economy, however, more and more of such stay-at-home-mums are harnessing the power of the Internet and breaking barriers to build independence and make a living from home.

From the lack of adequate childcare to cultural expectations and extreme commutes, every mother featured here has…

SuYuen Chin

SuYuen is the co-founder of MomoCentral.com- an on-demand tech talent platform currently serving 1000 companies globally. 450 human-verified talents & counting!

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